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Sustainable Food and Beverage Solutions

At MOVA Global, we are more than just a food and beverage supplier. Since 1991, we have been recognized as one of the European leaders in the industry, prepared to ship food products all over the globe. Our operations in the GCC region are tailored to meet the unique needs of this market, focusing on delivering diverse product ranges efficiently and sustainably

  • Exclusive quotas for each producer in different geographies
  • Guaranteed large quantities sent in appropriate containers
  • Commitment to sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility
What we do

Delivering Quality and Sustainability

At MOVA Global, we are committed to providing high-quality food and beverage products while prioritizing sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility.

Our diverse product range, combined with our global reach and exclusive quotas for each producer, ensures we can meet the unique needs of our clients in the GCC region.

Grains and Pulses

High-quality grains and pulses sourced from trusted producers worldwide.
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Animal Protein

A diverse range of animal protein products, including beef, pork, chicken, fish, duck, and seafood.
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Reliable supply of essential minerals for various industrial applications.
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Premium quality oils for culinary and industrial uses.
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A curated selection of fine wines from renowned vineyards.
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High-quality sugar sourced from leading producers.
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Sustainable wood products for various applications.
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Essential fertilizers to support agricultural productivity.
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Reliable supply of fuels to meet energy needs.
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Annual Metric Tones

MOVA GLOBAL’s exclusive quotas and large quantities have made our import and export process much stronger. Our commitment to sustainability and quality is our absolute priority.

Antonio Manuel Pereira


MOVA Global’s operations in the GCC region are impressive. They understand the unique needs of this market and consistently deliver high-quality products.


Operations Director

We appreciate MOVA Global’s commitment to sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility. They are leading the way in sustainable food and beverage supply.


Sustainability Officer
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